My level of service

Everything I do is geared at generating MAXIMUM BUYER DEMAND and the TOP DOLLAR for your home. If you are not satisfied with my services you may end your contract at any time* - some conditions apply. 

We will make a plan together from day one in order to generate the most interest for your home. 

Included in my listing service:

 - a professional photo and I Guide package with each listing. 

 - massive online exposure to many websites via ddf, idx, handshake, personal agreements to get your listing out to as many buyers as possible. 

 - online paid advertising for your home

 - open houses if desired

 - feature sheets and for sale sign

 - automatic sistem to let you know of any showing requests via sms / email with approval option

 - feedback from prospective buyers as soon as possible after the viewing. 



* if at any time you no longer wish to have me as your listing agent, I will cancel your listing agreement except for the holdover clause : 

"The Seller further agrees to pay such commission as calculated above if an agreement to purchase is agreed to or accepted by the Seller or anyone on the Seller’s behalf within 60 days after the expiration of the Listing Period (Holdover Period), so long as such agreement is with anyone who was introduced to the Property from any source whatsoever during the Listing Period or shown the Property during the Listing Period.
If, however, the offer for the purchase of the Property is pursuant to a new agreement in writing to pay commission to another registered real estate brokerage, the Seller’s liability for commission shall be reduced by the amount paid by the Seller under the new agreement."

This essentially means that you are free to list your home with any other real estate sales person immediately after the cancellation.